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Green Hope – Zöld Remény Alapítvány

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Green Hope Alapítvány


I am Babar Zoltán the manager of  Bradzo-Ép  Ltd, we deal with an implementation already 14  years.
Our firm 4 o years went through a change of the frim’s  name, but our strategy did not change,the Bradzo-Ép  Ltd.’s  ideology likewise committed its field of study. We observe it continuously the construction industry substances, his development, his development;- our professionals  regularly participate at trainings, in order to learn the speeding development our fast world.
It is not possible to grasp it the theory that the old substances and the methods should stand their place and these are good for nowadays too. This is tur according to one opinion, but it is necessary to acquire the certified examined products, technologies, it is necessary to apply it, because the progress and the development the Bradzo-Ép a Ltd. Philosophy.
We cannot  talk about borders inside the building industry, that with proper expertise no we would be able to accomplish it, to carry out.You can ask our colleagues and architectures regarding all type of questions, either at your home or at our office,which can be found in Érden and in Pusztazámor too. The Bradzo-Ép Ltd. Is that firm, which wants to comply  for the customers, for their claims, for their expectations, their morals and their aesthetics.

Why we?

A lot of firms are in the building industry. This industrial branch lives with many problems and trouble together, like what:

  • a lot the stray firm
  • a lot of mountebanks  live and they  puts mistakes onto real  specialists' account.

We argue with it, that all the implementation, all the planning jobs, we make our prices precisely, punctually compare with real market prices.
Tracking technical industry abounding in novelties this is very important during implementations either in the planning of a new home or an old one.

Our guarantee belongs to our arguments, during the implementation and building of houses we do not turn our back on the problems on his row. We carry out individual and unique claims in houses, or at  bigger settlements, foundations too.

We are executing architectural and forensic academic professional supervision, budgetary professional supervision, either on ready buildings or based on ready plan documentations. We made professional supervision in the building of Turkish Bath in Budapest and on condominiums in Budapest, factory buildings, statics and budgetary, forensic professional supervision too.


Our professionals

Our Revetment specialists do cold-, hot revetment with they finish their demanding, precise work.
Our masons carry out the construction of easy and heavy constructions.
Carpenters offer their unique work with engineering accuracy larding, summer-houses, sitting out, with the making of garden flower stands, garden furniture.
Our  Joiner colleagues invite you into the magic of kitchens, but any kind of here with a relevant specialty questions they can be asked
Our engineers are  prepared for the the latest  technologies, from  the normal  heating through the wall heating until the ceiling heating.
Our electrician are professional as far as the latest technologies are regard, .e.g. in  the mending of alarms, cameras, defensive systems in forming and implementation, unique illuminations in the look of parks, museums etc.
We are aware of the new insulation techniques , the development of the new insulator systems. Averting flooding.