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Green Hope – Zöld Remény Alapítvány

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Green Hope Alapítvány

Our references

Our contruction works can be found across the country. Somewhere construction works were based on our plan.
Please visit our photo gallery where family houses and public buildings can be found too.

Our projects

  • Tinsmith works at the 13th, 12th, 2nd district of Budapest. Swap of ledge made of zinc, build of latent drain, tinsmith works of fancy goods. Twohundred plate-iron shaping per building.
  • Total repair of cover at the condominium at Budapest 12th district Maros street 31 (800m2)
  • Total renovation of façade, renovation of stucco made of  gypsum at Budapest 13th district Hollán str. 13.
  • Total renovation of façade at Budapest 13th district Tátra str.21.
  • Fire protection and safety review  and lightning expert opinion and audit log at condominiums of Budapest at 12th, 13th, 14th district.
  • Total renovation of façade, restoration of balcony , total reonavtion of building at tha US Embassy.
  • Hungarian Deevelopment Bank ltd: building of lifthouse, complett cradling, reinforcing steel (rail mounting), concreting (at a already built building) across the top with the use of concrete pump .
  • The re-building and renovation of the Máriaremete street church at Budapest.
  • Kajászó: Total construction of a riding hall which was built at a formal pig park. You can check at our photo gallery the changes of shabby building.
  • Build one part of Aquapark at Kaposvár.
  • Planning and construction of family houses.
  • The total reconstruction of formal Krishna temple.
  • The total renovation of façade at M3 Business Center.
  • We are doing the iron installation work on garages and flats at the 13th district of Buapest, on the corner of Csata and Gömb street.
  • Total planning and construction of Maria school brothers house(Spanish convent) in Esztergom. The delivery was contucted by László Paskai cardinal.