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Green Hope – Zöld Remény Alapítvány

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Green Hope Alapítvány

Green construction

- external thermal insulation of buildings

swap of doors and windows

modernization of heating system

utilization of heat from land- deployment of heat-pump system

deployment of solar thermal collector

modernization of air-conditioning system, deployment of a new one

- ultilization of wond energy(deployment of a weathervane)


Work phases connecting to construction

1. Techical advisory and help for green energy investment with a technical colleague.

2. Total technical land-surveying according to the local makings, with the help of special engineers. This is the basic need for quotation.

3. Making quotation, submit the budgetary and construction plans.

4. Construction, which is meet the requirements of nowadays similar systems and technical requirements (based on Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and German construction standards.)


The bradzo Ltd in point out to that the firm satisfies the needs of their clients, from the planning and technical controls beyond the construction. This means naturally that they have the similar advantages that the western European clients prefer.