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Green Hope – Zöld Remény Alapítvány

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Green Hope Alapítvány



One segmentation of our firm’s profile’s the completion of licensing one and implementation plans.
We serve you with sample plans, and the first is the customer's claim of course, that let us put down his/her thought on paper according to his/her claims.
Experienced planners and our abounding references fulfill the highest claims.
Plans, they may be implementation, even statically, demolition plans, project plans  too.
Sparing the expenses, but not sidelining the aesthetics with this, we relate our councils, our opinion.
Besides planning full licensing procedure we transact it, sparing time for our clients from the many procedures.
Our planners keep the with our customers continuously.
Planner price is calculated  based on a personal interview if the implementation happens by our firm, naturally the prices decrease in a good measure.

Detailed mechanical content:

  • signing paper
  • planner’s statement
  • architectural technical specifications
  • deployment
  • certificate of technical’s parameters
  • electrical and mechanical technologies
  • sizing of chimney
  • thermodynamic calculations
  • building energetic calculations
  • a fire protection calculation, ÉMI authorization is enclosed.

We are waiting for our revered customers application.
It is possible to ask the field preliminary review, a survey, we inspect the area with pleasure and we help with the forming of the preliminary thoughts, we define the orientation of the building.


The implementation is broad definition  in nowadays.
Our firm mean globally thinking under the word  implementation.
We undertake any volume of the renovation with pleasure, it may be precisely a change of implementation, but expertise is needed for it, for whom according to a claim according to individual claims.

Our firm take  these invitations with earnestness just like that, as if a hall, you are a church his implementation would be asked. We did not specialize and did not categorize ourselves for a one-way constructor. We feel a challenge in all invitations, we believe in the ghost of the colored commission, this brings new one for us that from an experience say. There are cases when I walk through the work areas, I arrive after a huge facade implementation a room to a water insulation problem the solution the accurate definition of the special substances, more and bigger one are needed with energy to make what we carry out until more months. I call these spicy implementations. Our very important number that let us answer so everywhere, that let the competence and the professional implementation characterize our firm.

Of course family houses, condominium, holiday houses and halls, church we carry out a building according to a claim and an invitation. It is worthy to tell about the deadline. It is an experience, that the implementations are late in a deadline, this unfortunately at many people problem, not hurting something else with this, but what we spend strange attention on this. We promise something that is feasible, we establish a short deadline, but not onto the incision of the quality, which is very important,! The good tested specialists, one of these one big virtues of his are the organizations for our firm. Problem emphasized on the row of an implementation, the second place keeping the order, the treatment of the substances, professional one in good repair, this next viewpoint, in which our firm excels,. We are watching the customer's claim, his wishes, onto his substances, his area we are with care like that, as if own would be.

That saying holds out at our firm, that: In all time, everything in time

We offer ourselves with our guarantee and our problem-solving ability on all of them to an implementation.